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We are proud of our company. Our commitment to ocean health is generating record profits, which in turn benefit shareholders and communities throughout our region and well beyond. Our news archive below features stories about our various businesses, our people, our commitment to cultural preservation and the environment, our response to the Covid-19 crisis and much more. Have a story you think we should know about? Please contact us at Press/media inquiries should be directed to or 907.586.9297.

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Sealaska Shareholders, Descendants Discuss Blood Quantum Resolution

Sealaska shareholders and descendants gathered online for a person-to-person discussion of the company’s resolution on the 2022 proxy that would eliminate the requirement to document blood quantum in order to be eligible to apply for Sealaska descendant shares. The event, held the evening of Monday, May 9, was designed to allow shareholders and descendants to discuss amongst themselves the implications and considerations associated with the vote. More than 100 shareholders participated. Stripping the blood quantum requirement will make eligible up


Sealaska Partners with Red Cross to Provide Community Emergency Vehicle

Vehicle will allow the Red Cross to assist more families in Southeast communities Sealaska has sponsored a Community Emergency Vehicle (CEV) to be based in Juneau. This vehicle will enable Red Cross staff and volunteers to provide support and relief to southeast Alaska communities. “The Dodge Promaster van will be used to serve communities efficiently and effectively. Having this additional resource in our southeast towns means the Red Cross can be there when we are needed to help those affected


New System, Multiple Elections: Key Information for Alaska Voters in 2022

Alaska voters will face a series of elections between now and November — a special primary and general election to fill the seat left vacant when Congressman Don Young passed in March, and a regularly scheduled primary and general election in August and November. The special election, which is already underway, will be the first time Alaskan voters choose a candidate using the state’s new open primary and ranked-choice voting system. “The Alaska Native vote is powerful in Alaska, and


Upcoming Events – Spring/Summer 2022

After two years of meeting virtually, Sealaska is excited to welcome shareholders back to in-person events this spring!   Shareholders and descendants are invited to join Sealaska – including representatives from Shareholder Relations, Shareholder Development, board and leadership, Corporate Communications and more – at one or more of the many upcoming events. Each event will offer participants the chance to learn about business priorities and recent developments, Sealaska’s ocean health vision and upcoming workforce development opportunities, as well as update


Three-Sided Pole Speaks to Community, Collaboration and Kinship

Pictured left to right: Joe Young, Andrea Cook, TJ Young, David R. Boxley and Greg Frisby. Photo credit: Connor Meyer Haida carver TJ Young (Sgwaayaans) is hard at work creating the first 360-degree totem pole to be raised in Alaska. The Sealaska Cultural Values Pole will stand guard over Heritage Square at the center of the new Sealaska Heritage Arts Campus in downtown Juneau. Young is carving the pole with assistance from his brother, Joe Young and guest carvers David


Ellen Bradley Brings Indigenous Perspective to Climate Science, Outdoor Industry

Ellen Bradley is at home in the rainforest and snow-covered peaks of Lingít Aaní — literally. A skier, scientist and passionate Indigenous advocate fighting both colonialism and climate change in the outdoor industry, Bradley returned to her ancestral homeland to ski for the first time this winter, deepening her connection with the land and her Indigenous identity through time spent in the backcountry. “As a Tlingit woman who grew up separated from my traditional homelands, I developed my relationship with


Sealaska Language Priorities Reflected in Seven Recent Grants Sealaska’s board of directors approved $558,000 in funding for language preservation programs at a meeting held on April 8, pledging grants to seven different language preservation and language learning projects.   Sealaska shareholders consistently rank language preservation and revitalization as a top priority, an urgency shared by Sealaska leadership.   “Fostering our Indigenous languages, building them up and growing the number of fluent speakers is a critical priority for Sealaska,” said Sealaska Community Outreach and Brand Manager Tasha Heumann. “Supporting the


Sealaska Distribution Overview Recap – Spring 2022

Shareholders from across Alaska and around the country joined Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott virtually for an overview of the spring distribution, which totals $21.3 million and will be issued to shareholders on April 22. The benefits that Sealaska provides to shareholders are not limited to just distributions, Mallott explained. Sealaska values investing in shareholder priorities, and those priorities are reflected in the benefit programs that Sealaska provided in 2021 in addition to distributions: Scholarships ($1.175 million); Language preservation


Report to Shareholders: Sealaska Board of Directors Meeting April 7-8, 2022

The Sealaska Board of Directors met on April 7 and 8 to review financial statements and declare a spring distribution to shareholders. Following a thorough review, the board of directors approved the consolidated 2021 financial statements, in addition to the ANCSA Section 7(i) report for the period ending December 31, 2021. Sealaska will publish the audited financials in early May. The spring 2022 distribution—which totals $21.3 million—was also approved by the board and will be issued to shareholders on April


Sealaska Unifies Businesses Around Ocean Health & Working Together

For several years, Sealaska has been building a business platform that revolves around fostering healthy oceans. Now, with global expertise in geotechnical services, data sciences, marine construction, sustainable seafood and more, it’s time for Sealaska’s businesses to share an ocean-health identity. Part of that identity involves giving the platform a name. Woocheen is a name that was carefully chosen for the deep meaning of the Tlingit word – Wooch.éen – that inspired it, a word that speaks to working holistically


Sealaska Announces Spring 2022 Distribution

Sealaska’s board of directors approved a $21.3 million distribution to shareholders when it met Friday, April 8. The spring distribution is made up of $7.5 million from Sealaska’s business operations, $2.6 million from the Marjorie V. Young (MVY) Shareholder Permanent Fund and $11.2 million in Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Section 7(j) natural-resource revenues. The distribution will be issued to shareholders on Friday, April 22.     The distribution demonstrates Sealaska’s financial strength and the continued growth of business operations, which have


Workforce Development at Sealaska

Sealaska’s financial success allows for increased investment in workforce and career development, a priority consistently reflected in shareholder surveys. Sealaska seeks shareholder input and invests in areas highlighted by shareholders. Through increased support for workforce development, Sealaska helps shareholders and descendants advance professionally, grow into leadership roles and give back to their communities. Sealaska’s communications team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Senior Director of Shareholder Development Tesla Cox to talk about what opportunities 2022 has in store

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