It is our sense of responsibility for each other and our planet that defines our community.

Sealaska’s community outreach efforts seek to improve the lives of shareholders in the areas of education, workforce development, economic vitality and philanthropy. Sealaska is innovative and solutions oriented. Profits derived from cutting-edge approaches to modern, global problems are put to work locally, funding the programs and people that strengthen the fabric of our communities.

Because we cherish you - we invest in our children

“We want to address the number one issue that our grandchildren will face – the health of our oceans, climate change. It will be the greatest issue that we have to address but they will be the ones really addressing it in the future as the effects of climate change grow. So to put that forward as our vision, it completely ties to their words of ‘Because We Cherish You.’ Because we cherish our grandchildren, we’re going to help them address the greatest issue they are going to face int heir lifetime, and we’ll do it today to benefit them in the future.” – Anthony Mallott, CEO

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