Sealaska's Social Responsibility

At Sealaska, working together and creating value while maintaining focus, clarity and drive are high among our core values, and we demonstrate our support for transformative work and our commitment to partnerships through the Sealaska Philanthropy Program.

Our program invests in the greatest positive impacts to our traditional homeland, enriching and protecting the livelihoods, environments, and traditions of our shareholders, their descendants, and our communities. Sealaska owns and manages 362,000 acres of land on behalf of our more than 23,000 Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian shareholders, an ancestral stewardship that is the sacred foundation of our work.   

Sealaska will focus its charitable efforts on causes and issues that provide a direct benefit for our shareholders, shareholder descendants and communities. Priorities that guide our corporate giving are defined by four focus areas:

  • Generational work: Sealaska supports organizations that promote and provide educational opportunities and activities for youth, legacy care for elders, and efforts to preserve and promote the curiosity, learning, and sharing as defined by Sealaska’s core values.
  • Environmental guardianship: Sealaska has inherited ownership in promoting protection and sustainability of its Native ancestral lands and honors organizations that share in these essential commitments.
  • Cultural practices: Sealaska believes making the greatest impacts to its people and homelands includes fortifying and promoting its heritage, and seeks partners in these efforts.
  • Physical, social and economic health: Sealaska partners with nonprofit organizations that work toward improving the lives and safety of shareholders and descendants in the areas of health and wellness and the business sector.

Contribution Guidelines:

Sealaska receives and reviews requests on an ongoing basis, year-round. If your organization is seeking donations or contributions, please read our contribution guidelines prior to submitting a request. If you have questions, contact the Sealaska Communications Department at

Submit a Contribution Request

Complete this form if you are seeking a contribution or donation from Sealaska; refer to Sealaska contribution guidelines for more information.


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