For people, for planet

Sealaska believes that protecting and preserving our environment isn’t just a moral or cultural imperative. It is smart business. In fact, it is the core of our business portfolio. All of our businesses are designed to create both profit and pride:

  • To foster balanced ecosystems, we sustainably manage our forests – making their bounty available for carving and bark programs and preserving nearly half of our forested lands as part of our Carbon Offset Project
  • To support communities, we partner with community-oriented enterprises such as Barnacle Foods, which emphasizes building the local economy by creating local jobs and keeping the value chain local.
  • To protect fisheries, our seafood companies actively support sustainable fishing and seek more value per fish through innovative practices.
  • To improve the health of streams and waterways, our environmental services companies are testing water quality and solving complex hydrology challenges.
  • To advance clean energy, our geotechnical businesses are supporting the generation of energy from offshore wind.

People and planet define our ocean-health business platform, Woocheen. The company’s name is derived from the Tlingit word wooch.éen, which can be roughly translated as “working together.” It is a name that acknowledges we are interdependent, working in collaboration with each other, with our environment, and with the resources available to us.

Wordmark for Woocheen