We serve the twin goals of
economic prosperity and environmental protection.

Sealaska believes that protecting and preserving our environment isn’t just a moral or cultural imperative; it is smart business. In fact, it is the core of our $700 million business portfolio. All of our businesses follow a formula designed to create both profit and pride:

  • To improve our air and water quality, we sustainably manage our forests – including preserving nearly half of our forested lands as part of our Carbon Offset Project;
  • To protect fisheries, our seafood companies actively support sustainable fishing and seek more value per fish through innovative practices;
  • To improve the health of streams and waterways, our environmental services companies are testing water quality and solving complex hydrology challenges.

And, as an organization, we are committed to evaluating the social, economic, and environmental impact of each of our businesses to ensure alignment with our values and long-term vision to support future generations.


Natural Resources and Land Management

Sealaska’s Carbon Sequestration Program is a new sustainable model for forest stewardship built on the understanding that in today’s economy, a forest’s value can be greater than the sum of its parts.


Sealaska Timber Company responsibly managed and harvested timber from our lands while serving as an economic driver for our communities for decades.

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Scientific, Technology, Environmental, Construction Services  is a leader in construction, engineering, and data analytics working to address some of the most challenging environmental issues on land and in waterways.

Gregg Drilling, a national leader in geotechnical drilling, and water remediation, joined Sealaska in 2018. Together we are actively working to diagnose and solve many of the hydrological threats to our oceans.

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Sealaska Technical Services works around the world as a trusted engineering and environmental-consulting partner to federal and private customers, providing both the financial benefits of an 8(a) company and extensive, mission-critical capabilities of a top design firm through our mentor-protégé relationship with Tetra Tech Inc.

CS Marine designs, builds, repairs and recovers a wide variety of complex projects on and under water. Known and widely respected for their skilled problem solving, its people bring to their work a passion for the ocean and a commitment to doing the right thing.

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MBS enables digital transformation. As technology and business requirements change at a rapid pace, organizations need to understand how to make the most of tools and technologies in this digital-first world. MBS brings expertise in cloud enablement, applications strategy, application modernization, GIS integration and analysis, and information and data management.

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Cognitell enables data intelligence. It uses the latest innovations from the fields of data science and artificial intelligence to help customers tackle challenging data problems and drive operational and strategic decision making.

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New England Seafood International Limited (NESI) imports, processes and supplies fresh and frozen premium sustainable fish and seafood to retailers and leading food-service brands in the UK and Northern Europe. Based in London, it is highly respected for its responsible sourcing and its commitment to enhancing lives and promoting a thriving planet.

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Independent Packers (IPC) is an industry leader in seafood processing and specializes in the efficient conversion of all species of Seafood into high value retail products, that ultimately help improve the health of fisheries and the ocean as a whole.

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Barnacle Foods creates and manufactures products – such as salsas, hot sauces, pickles, jams and jellies – with bull kelp and other Alaska-grown, harvested and foraged ingredients. It is rooted in a deep respect for Alaska’s rich bounty and a commitment to ensuring that its resources continue to flourish for future generations to enjoy and share.

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Sealaska land management team preserves wildlife habitats and ensures stream buffers.
All environmental services companies strive to protect marine ecosystems.
IPC adds value to 55 million pounds of seafood each year.