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We are proud of our company. Our commitment to ocean health is generating record profits, which in turn benefit shareholders and communities throughout our region and well beyond. Our news archive below features stories about our various businesses, our people, our commitment to cultural preservation and the environment, our response to the Covid-19 crisis and much more. Have a story you think we should know about? Please contact us at Press/media inquiries should be directed to or 907.586.9297.

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Iceland: Committed to Sustainability for the Whole Marine Ecosystem

Sealaska announced in October that it has plans to acquire equity in two leading Icelandic seafood companies – IceMar and AG Seafood.  Some might wonder why an Alaska Native Corporation in Southeast Alaska would invest in Iceland.  The reality is that fisheries in Alaska and Iceland share important qualities when it comes to seafood. Their shared approach to responsible fisheries management aligns with Sealaska’s work to foster ocean health by growing global demand for delicious, sustainably sourced seafood – including wild seafood from Alaska.  Like


Sealaska Issues Shareholder Survey About Blood Quantum

Sealaska is continuing its effort to understand our shareholders’ views and priorities about the current eligibility requirements to enroll as a shareholder.  Beginning today, Thursday, Nov. 4, Sealaska shareholders are invited to take a 15-minute survey online or over the phone about blood quantum and eligibility.   Shareholders will receive a unique PIN number via email and on a print postcard that will arrive sometime in the next several days. Once you have your PIN, you can login to and complete the questions. If you would prefer to take the


Fall 2021 Distribution Builds on COVID Relief, Other Benefits

Sealaska shareholders’ 2021 dividend distribution will add to numerous other shareholder benefits and supports, including the $4.2 million in CARES Act funding Sealaska is distributing to eligible shareholders, in partnership with the Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.  On Friday, Oct. 29, Sealaska’s Board of Directors approved the company’s 2021 fall distribution totaling $16.0 million to be issued on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021.  For the full year 2021 the total of the spring and fall distribution is $37.3 million, which includes $19.4 million in dividends from the


Inside Look: EBITDA at Sealaska

Sealaska measures the success of our businesses through operating EBITDA growth. EBITDA – Earnings before Interest Expense, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization – gives us insight into how our businesses are performing financially before accounting adjustments or expenses that are unrelated to the running of those operations. As shown in the chart above, EBITDA from our business operations has grown steadily since 2015. New England Seafood Ltd and CS Marine Constructors joined Sealaska last year, as we continue to double-down on


#NativeEnough Discussion Series Dives Deep on Blood Quantum

Sealaska hosted its second in the “#NativeEnough” series of virtual events centered on the issue of blood quantum Tuesday night, Oct. 26. The purpose of the event was to provide background on blood quantum – how it was incorporated into the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, its history related to enrollment requirements at Sealaska, what tribes and other Alaska Native Corporations require, cultural values related to the issue, a glimpse into what the population of Sealaska shareholders and descendants looks


Fall Distribution to be First from Shareholder-Approved Sealaska Settlement Trust

Sealaska shareholders will receive their first distribution via the Sealaska Settlement Trust when the fall distribution is paid out on November 12.  The trust was created by a vote of shareholders in June, and will benefit shareholders by exempting distributions from the trust from federal tax. Many shareholders will not notice any difference between how past distributions have occurred, particularly those who are signed up for direct deposit. But there are a few subtle differences, addressed in the questions below,


Your Questions, Answered: Fall 2021 Sealaska Distribution

Sealaska’s fall 2021 distribution will be announced on Friday, Oct. 29. Distributions are just one of many benefits Sealaska provides to shareholders and descendants, including educational and professional development programs like scholarships and internships, semiannual distributions to shareholders, and donating to cultural programs. In 2020, Sealaska paid out more than $28.5 million in shareholder benefits.    Answers to frequently asked questions about the distribution process and timeline are below. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact us at and we’ll track down the information you need.  Q: What is


Ocean Health: What Does it Mean to Sealaska Businesses?

Five years ago, when Sealaska began to embrace the idea of businesses revolving around ocean health, the concept was just an aspiration, COO Terry Downes said at this year’s annual meeting. It was an idea inspired by Sealaska’s owners, rooted in the collective wisdom, heritage and knowledge of thousands of people, cultivated over thousands of years in Southeast Alaska.  Sealaska’s deep connection to Southeast Alaska and to indigenous wisdom informs its choices as a business to strive for balance and well-being in its operations and on behalf of


Your Stories About Blood Quantum: Subsistence Hunting and the Marine Mammal Protection Act

In early September, Sealaska asked shareholders to tell us how blood quantum impacts their lives. So far more than 600 people have responded. We are sharing a selection of quotes and perspectives in social media and on our website to help advance the discussion around blood quantum, and to better understand how it impacts shareholders and descendants. Sealaska is exploring the possibility of changing the eligibility requirements associated with enrolling for Class D (Descendant) stock, which currently include ¼ Native


Sealaska Partners with AWARE

Support for Healing of Domestic Violence Sealaska’s board of directors recently approved a $25,000 contribution in support of the creation of a totem pole that will serve as a monument and acknowledgement of the healing journey undertaken by women and children as they move from abusive family circumstances to healthier ones. The totem is being carved by master carver Wayne Price of Haines, and will be erected at the Kaasei Totem Plaza near Juneau’s Twin Lakes and adjacent to the


#NativeEnough Discussion Series Shares Shareholder Perspectives on Blood Quantum

Sealaska shareholders and followers of Sealaska social media channels were asked a simple question about a month ago: “Tell us how blood quantum impacts you.” During a lunch-hour Zoom and Facebook Live event on Wednesday, Oct. 13, Sealaska shared some of those answers. The event also provided background information on the different classes of stock currently available in Sealaska, and the eligibility requirements, rights and privileges associated with each; company history related to eligibility; and information on how to provide input to Sealaska. Since the question was originally posed


UK Retailers Recognize New England Seafood’s Sustainability Practices with Prestigious MSC Award

NESI also won Retail Supplier of the Year honor in 2018 and 2020 Sealaska company New England Seafood International (NESI) has been honored with the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Retail Supplier of the Year award, which recognizes outstanding achievement and performance in sustainable fishing and seafood. It’s the third time the MSC has named NESI as the recipient. The recognition is especially meaningful because nominations come from customers, said Ruth Hoban, Head of Sustainability at NESI. “We are immensely

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