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We are proud of our company. Our commitment to ocean health is generating record profits, which in turn benefit shareholders and communities throughout our region and well beyond. Our news archive below features stories about our various businesses, our people, our commitment to cultural preservation and the environment, our response to the Covid-19 crisis and much more. Have a story you think we should know about? Please contact us at Press/media inquiries should be directed to or 907.586.9297.

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Recognizing Tate London (Xein) For His Service and Positive Contributions to Sealaska

Sealaska is deeply grateful for the service of two of its board members who have chosen not to seek another term on the board. These two men have contributed mightily to our company, and their service and commitment to our people has been of incalculable value. Sealaska director Tate London formally announced he will not seek another term on the Sealaska Board of Directors. Tate’s term will end at the 2021 annual meeting in June. Tate has been a member


Sealaska Scholarship Payments Benefit Full, Part-time and Vo-Tech Students

Sealaska announced today that its scholarship program will support 415 full- and part-time students and students enrolled in vocational-technical programs for the 2021-2022 academic year. Sealaska is pleased to support students financially, especially during a year of where many are facing financial uncertainty, and proud to see so many individuals seeking higher education. In partnership with Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI), Sealaska invests in educational programs that benefit Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people. We were able to increase individual awards this


Sealaska Wants Your Feedback

Every few years, Sealaska reaches out to shareholders as part of an ongoing effort to gather shareholder opinions and feedback. Sealaska is launching the most recent shareholder survey the week of April 19. We look forward to hearing from shareholders through the work.   Why commission the surveys? Surveys are a great way to engage with shareholders. Since 1981, we’ve been reaching out to shareholders to get a sense of priorities and feelings about Sealaska. It gives us insight into what you care about and allows us to incorporate shareholder voices into our decisions. The surveys are just one


Celebrate Earth Day with Sealaska and the Polynesian Voyaging Society!

Join Sealaska and the Polynesian Voyaging Society this Thursday, April 22, at 12 P.M. AKDT for a Special Earth Day Zoom session! At Sealaska, we are committed to finding ways to address the effects of global warming and sustaining healthy oceans. On Earth Day 2021, please join us in our conversation with the Polynesian Voyaging Society about ocean health and our shared responsibility as Native people in caring for our world. Over the years, Sealaska and representatives of different Indigenous


Chief Science Officer Enriches Ocean-Health Business with Experience & Passion

The next time you find yourself on a beach, grab a handful of sand and look at it closely, suggests oceanographer Jesse McNinch. That sand is a detective story, he says, encoding the tales of millions of years of natural history. “Geology is like the earth’s stenographer,” Jesse says. “It’s always recording everything that’s happening. The exciting part is being able to read and interpret it.” After more than three decades of solving ocean-related problems for private industry and the


2021 Q1 Letter from the Chair

The following letter from Sealaska Board Chair Joe Nelson was published in the Q1 newsletter, which mailed to shareholders in early April. To view the full newsletter, click here.  Dear Shareholders, For many of us, the first signs of spring are a welcome change. The increase in daylight lures us outdoors. The fresh air and physical activity improve our state of mind. We start gearing up for our busy summers. The change in the season brings work, but it is


Sealaska Shareholder Descendant Plans Denali Summit this Summer

Growing up in Juneau, Rain Felkl had no fear of the mountains, she said. Her parents would let her play at the glacier or spend the night on top of Thunder Mountain unsupervised, entrusting XTRATUF boots, hand-me-down outdoor gear and the unwavering confidence that characterizes childhood with her safe return home. “They [my parents] didn’t instill fear in us when it came to the outdoors,” Felkl said. Back then, she “didn’t really do anything extreme,” she said. But, today, Felkl—who


Sealaska Announces 2021 Spring Distribution and Schedule

A spring 2021 distribution of $21.3 million builds on the many other investments Sealaska is grateful to be able to make to support its shareholders and communities. The distribution includes dividends from the company’s growing ocean-health business operations ($6.8 million) and the Marjorie V. Young (MVY) Shareholder Permanent Fund ($2.5 million). Distributions to shareholders were $46.4 million in 2020. In addition to the spring distribution, Sealaska will be providing the greatest amount of educational scholarship awards to upwards of 500


Sealaska in 2020 Humbled and grateful for support and successes amid extreme tests

As Sealaska’s board finalizes the spring distribution to Sealaska shareholders in a meeting on Friday, April 2, the company’s business operations continue a trend of increasing profitability. Thanks to the incredible dedication and skill of so many at Sealaska, several of our businesses actually saw record financial results in 2020. Their efforts enabled us to keep our employees safe while supporting our communities and building on our work to strengthen ocean health. Why ocean health? We are stewards of a


Shareholder Participation Committee Chairs Included in Selection Process for Board Endorsed Nominees

Sealaska’s process for selecting candidates to become endorsed nominees for its board of directors expanded this year to include the chairs of Sealaska’s Shareholder Participation Committees representing Southeast Alaska, the rest of Alaska, and outside Alaska. Shareholder Participation Committees were established two years ago to help Sealaska be more responsive to the needs and priorities of its shareholders through active engagement. The committees are made up of 7-8 members from each of the three geographic areas, who volunteer to provide


Women’s History Month Spotlight Amy Hallingstad

Amy Hallingstad was a champion for civil rights causes in Alaska, desegregating schools and other public facilities, advocating for equal pay for women and quality health care for Alaska Natives, and tearing down signs that read “No Natives Allowed.” She fought the most serious challenges faced by her people for most of her life, earning the unofficial title of “First Lady for the First People.” And yet Hallingstad’s most powerful weapon in advancing these distinctly humorless issues was razor-sharp wit


Event Shared the ‘Power of Cold Dips’ with the Sealaska Community Sealaska’s most recent virtual event invited panelists to share their experiences with cold water dips, an ancient ritual among our people that was designed to fortify the body and spirit against a wide range of difficulties, from weather to warfare. The live virtual event, moderated by Sealaska Board Chair Joe Nelson, featured Richard Peterson, Sarah Dybdahl, Barbara Blake, Konrad Frank and Mona Evan as panelists. The event was part of a month-long campaign hosted by Sealaska in March that

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