2019 Intern Spotlight: Accounting Intern

Accounting Intern Finds Career Confidence while Connecting with Tlingit Heritage
By: Mikki Moriarty, 2019 Accounting Intern

L to R | Sealaska CFO Carrie Rorem, Edna Chappel, Mark Poplis, McKenzie Knudson, David Deck, Michael Sergent, Mikki Moriarty, Toni Tajon

I have found more grounding and confidence in this field. My accounting internship with Sealaska has been amazing! During the work day I have been assisting with quarterly reconciliations, reconciling shareholder liability accounts, creating logical arguments in Excel to manipulate accounting data, collecting yearly data and using it in the analysis of accounts, entering and tracking investment K-1 data, reviewing the accounts receivable process and recommending enhancements, and understanding and discussing tax issues. The accounting team has been incredibly welcoming and willing to fit this internship to my career interests. I have found more grounding and confidence in this field and cannot wait to apply the tools I have gained in my future.

This internship has been more than debits and credits for me, though. It has been coming home, bonding to my heritage, and a promise to connect with the breadth of life to those in my community, family and traditions. I sincerely hope this video shows how my internship with Sealaska had a holistic impact on my being. Gunalchéesh.

Find out more about Sealaska summer intern program for Sealaska shareholders and their descendants at this link.

The following video by Mikki Moriarty.