Endorsed Board Nominee 'Waahlaal Giidaak

Our lands are our birthright as Indigenous peoples and communities. The wisdom of our ancestors is maintained through this connection to our homelands and shaped who we have become. It is the responsibility of our corporation to continue identifying solutions to grow opportunities in our traditional territories.

As Native people we never do anything alone, and we are strengthened by listening to the voices of our people and following the wisdom and values set forth by our ancestors. I fulfill my duty in being a consistent reminder of the importance to decolonize and indigenize our corporation. It is exciting to see us grow, but we must never forget who we are, an ALASKA NATIVE corporation.

Contributing the policy experience and leadership connections I have received into our board meetings is my duty as Yahkw Jan6as. Our portfolio continues to grow toward investment into fisheries; I am grateful to continue contributing my education rooted in economic development and fisheries and the Tribal, state, and federal policy experience to our decision-making table.

I would be honored with your support and guidance as we grow our corporation into something that will make our ancestors proud.

Háw’aa, Gunalchéesh, Tsin’aen, T’oya̱xsut ‘nüüsm



AGE: 40
CITY/ STATE: Juneau, Alaska
OCCUPATION: First Alaskans Institute, Director of the Alaska Native Policy Center

Barbara has been a member of the Sealaska Board of Directors since 2019. She serves as chair of the Naxtoo.aat I Wayi Wah I H6gwsdaa Committee and is a member of the Shareholder Relations Committee, and Finance Committee. She also serves as a manager on the Haa Aani, LLC Board of Managers and mentor for the Board Youth Advisor. Barbara is a former Sealaska Board Youth Advisor 2010-2011 and Sealaska accounting intern.

DIRECTORSHIP(S) HELD IN OTHER ENTITIES: Assembly Member for City and Borough of Juneau.

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree (Thesis: Fisheries Development in Rural Alaska), Bachelor’s Degree-Rural Economic Development, and Associate Degree-Tribal Management from University of Alaska Fairbanks; three certificates that focus on Indigenous leadership and business/entrepreneurship from Stanford University, Seattle University­ School of Law, and Onaben.

AFFILIATIONS: Haida, Tlingit, and Ahtna Athabascan and her family stems from Higdaa Gandlaay (Hydaburg), Lawaak (Klawock), and Tsiis tl’edze’na (Chistochina). Barbara is Xaadaas (Haida) clan, is of the Yahkw Janaas (Shark House), father is Naltsiine (Sky Clan), and grandfather Teeyeeneidi (Dog Salmon). Her Haida name is ‘Waahlaal Giidaak. Member of Xaadaas Dagwii and Woosh.ji.een dance groups and Polynesian Voyaging Society. Steering Committee for Native Peoples Action and Co-chair of the Tribal Recognition Ballot Initiative.