Indigenize Your Ears

Early this month, the Corporate Communications team was fortunate to spend an hour or so getting to know the creative mastermind behind “Coffee and Quaq,” a popular Alaska Native podcast hosted by Alice Qannik Glenn. Glenn is Iñupiaq who was born and raised in Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow).

We met to establish a connection and talk with someone who is at the forefront of storytelling by, to and for an indigenous audience in Alaska, but while we were at it, Glenn also shared some of HER favorite Alaska Native and indigenous podcasts with us. We’re putting her podcast at the top of this list, followed by a handful of her recommendations:

  • Coffee and Quaq –Coffee & Quaq is an interview-based podcast that celebrates, shares and explores the collective experience of contemporary Native life in urban Alaska. It’s a podcast show for Indigenous people, by Indigenous people to help provide an accurate representation of Alaska Native life in urban and rural settings.
  • All My Relations — All My Relations is a podcast that explores what it means to be a contemporary Native person, and the relationships we have to land and place, to a people, to non-human relatives, and to one another. All My Relations is hosted by Matika Wilbur (Tulalip and Swinomish) and Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation). , , delve into a different topic facing Native peoples today, bringing in guests from all over Indian Country to offer perspectives and stories. We dive deep, play some games, laugh a lot, cry sometimes, and hope that you’ll join us on this journey together.
  • Toasted Sister – The Toasted Sister podcast is an award-winning podcast about Indigenous foodways. The host, Andi Murphy, is Navajo and a full-time producer for Albuquerque-based Native America Calling. The show features Native chefs and foodies in conversations about what indigenous food is, where it comes from, where it’s headed and how it’s used to connect to origins and traditions.
  • The Anonymous Eskimo Recovery Podcast – Hosted by Ralph Sara of Bethel, this podcast is devoted to bringing hope to those struggling with the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Guests share inspiration, strength and hope, while Sara works to destigmatize recovery and reaching out for help.
  • On the Land – This podcast is hosted by Deenaalee Hodgdon, a Deg Xit’an Athabaskan and Supiaq womxn from the villages of Gitr’ingithchagg (Anvik) and Qinuyang (South Naknek). The podcast tackles difficult discussions regarding access to land, water and air in a time of political and climate insecurity.

Are you listening to podcasts? What do you like? Shoot us an email at and tell us what you love and why. We’ll feature some of your pics in a future newsletter.