Sealaska Partners with JEDC for Innovation Summit

Like Sealaska’s core values, the basis of the upcoming 2020 Innovation Summit, Feb. 26-27, at Centennial Hall in Juneau  is working together to address business challenges. One of the challenges we face today is a changing climate. In fact, out of any state, Alaska’s economy is predicted to be the most impacted by climate shifts.

That’s why this year’s summit will feature Alaska scientists sharing not only how the changing climate impacts the economy, but also the adaptations businesses, communities, and sectors are making. Additionally, a team of researchers from the University of Alaska will help businesses in the oceans, tourism and other sectors explore how climate change impacts their livelihoods and how business must adapt. Outside of the talks, attendees will have ample opportunity to network, learn and share with some 200 attendees representing the private, government, education and nonprofit sectors.

 “The yearly Innovation Summit is a great incubator for creative solutions and programs,” says Sealaska President Anthony Mallott. “A successful summit and healthy region can only happen by working together. We look forward to engaging dialogue with new and returning partners to support meaningful opportunities within our communities.”

The Juneau Economic Development Council is offering flight discounts for attendees!

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