Carving and Bark Program

Frank Peratrovich, Bill Bennet and Gary Mills administer the program and inspect the cedar materials.

There may be no more tangible example of our culture’s power than in our custom of transforming red or yellow cedar logs into a work of art. Sealaska’s Carving Blank Program maintains this tradition for our communities.

The Carving and Bark Program is a joint effort between Sealaska, Sealaska Timber Company (STC), and Alaska Coastal Aggregates to contribute to the cultural needs of Sealaska shareholders. Red and yellow are processed, dried, and stored in Sealaska’s Klawock warehouse. Carving materials are custom cut to fill the required donation requests of nonprofit organizations throughout the region. The team has also begun offering, in limited quantity, cedar bark materials to art programs as well.

Partnering with Communities

Each year, we donate thousands of pounds of yellow and red cedar to arts programs that benefited thousands of students, community programs, village culture camps, and behavioral health programs. Some of the products of this program—enduring symbols of our culture—are on display at the Sealaska Heritage Institute.
Starting in 2013, the program partnered in the rehabilitation efforts of the Lemon Creek Correctional Center in Juneau, AK. Donated carving material is formed into Native Art and donated back to the Haa Aaní Program, which is then distributed to Southeast Alaska community and Native nonprofit organizations for their fundraising functions. 
Many village corporations, Southeast Alaska school systems, and other cultural non-profits lack the funds necessary to purchase carving blank materials to sustain established Native arts programs. The goal of the program is to help these organizations and their programs thrive given their proven positive impacts in our Southeast communities. 

Partnering with Teachers

While the Carving and Bark Program does not provide teaching instruction, we do partner with artists and teachers to host workshops across Southeast Alaska, Washington State, and California. We are always looking to expand the reach of our workshops.

We do not provide carving blanks to individuals or for-profit entities.

Contact Us

If you are interested in having a workshop in your community, receiving materials, or learning more, please contact us.