Letter from Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott

Sealaska published the 2019 Annual Report on May 1, 2020. Shareholders can view at MySealaska.com. We are sharing excerpts from the document.

CEO of Sealaska Anthony Mallott

When our Elders came together for the first Sealaska Elders Conference 40 years ago, a single theme emerged: preserving the past and passing it on to future generations. We hear this loud and clear in the “Because We Cherish You” text: “Even from long ago, our grandchildren — we placed high above ourselves. Yes. We cherish them.”

Our Elders’ beautiful words inspire Sealaska to be a better company. We live by — and lead with — our Southeast Alaska Native values, knowing our work will benefit our grandchildren.

These values inspire everything we do. We put community first, build strength and resilience, and act with courage and curiosity. We embrace Haa Aaní, committing to care for our oceans and lands because they have always been — and always will be — the foundation of our people. 

This approach, which includes becoming inclusive and open to working with great partners who share our values, has created unprecedented business growth and a dramatic turnaround of our finances. I believe we will create long-term success by being true to who we are — who we’ve been for 10,000 years and who we will be for 10,000 more. 

This growth includes Sealaska’s acquisition of sustainable seafood companies dedicated to localizing supply chains, increasing traceability, and respecting the fish they transform into nourishing products. We are also expanding our capabilities in the marine science and engineering industries to guard and enhance ocean health. And our carbon-offset project continues to drive record revenues while maintaining carbon stocks on our traditional homelands.

We hope to offer an example for other companies trying to define and live by values. As we create a supportive work environment where our employees are valued, we are attracting like-minded partners and top-notch talent who share our vision. Sealaska is aiming to prove that business can protect oceans and land, care for community, and be successful because of these commitments — not in spite of them.

Through Sealaska’s continued financial success, we can support and encourage our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. Honoring our Elders’ words of providing for our grandchildren will keep us inspired and creating progress for years to come.


Sealaska achieved another year of record financial performance with $77.8M in net income and $700M in total revenues. Sealaska’s 2019 revenue of $700M is the largest in Sealaska’s history. Increasing net income leads to increasing shareholder distributions. Operations and investments are the primary sources of Sealaska’s gross revenue. This is the greatest net income the corporation has ever achieved. Every operating business delivered significant year-over-year growth. Sealaska businesses are building a solid base for the future. This allows for investments in critical community and shareholder programs. Flip through Sealaska’s story