Breylan Náajeyistláa Martin

Breylan Náajeyistláa Martin

2023-2025 Board Youth Advisor

Master of Arts in Public Humanities at Brown University

Juneau, AK

“I find empowerment in culture to work for the betterment of my people and all those struggling against systemic oppression.”

Martin’s Tlingit name is Náajeyistláa (mother of Cape Spencer), which was the name of her great grandmother. She is a Raven-T’akdeintaan from X’áakw Hít and a child of the Wooshkeetaan. She is a grandchild of John and Carolyn Martin from Hoonah and Tenakee

Martin recently started the Indigenous Language Speaking Certificate through the University of Alaska Southeast and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley where she is co-chair of the Indigenous Graduate Student Association. 

She recently completed a Master of Arts in Public Humanities at Brown University and holds a Bachelor’s in Religion & Anthropology with a minor in Dance and Movement Studies from Emory University. She hopes to become a professor of Alaska Native Studies and Indigenous Museum Studies after graduation.