Sealaska Scholarship Payments Benefit Full, Part-time and Vo-Tech Students

Sealaska scholarship recipient Jackie Ohmer.

Sealaska announced today that its scholarship program will support 415 full- and part-time students and students enrolled in vocational-technical programs for the 2021-2022 academic year. Sealaska is pleased to support students financially, especially during a year of where many are facing financial uncertainty, and proud to see so many individuals seeking higher education.

In partnership with Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI), Sealaska invests in educational programs that benefit Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people. We were able to increase individual awards this year with the addition of $12.5 million to the scholarship endowment fund in the past two years.  Scholarship funding comes from the investment performance of Sealaska’s Scholarship Endowment fund which Sealaska established in 1989. Together, we directed over $1 million to students for the 2021-2022 academic year.

“Shareholders have told us that education and vocational scholarships are a top priority,” said Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott. “In 2020, the Sealaska board added $2.5 million to our scholarship endowment fund, bringing the total size of the endowment to $20 million. We are committed to continuing and increasing our support for shareholders and descendants pursuing higher education and career development opportunities.”

Mallott added words of encouragement to students who had to take a break in their studies during the past year due to the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Please do not give up on your studies,” Mallott said. “We need your ingenuity, thoughtfulness and skill in our region and beyond. When you are ready and able to return to school, our scholarship funds will be waiting for you.”

The pursuit of educational goals and the desire to increase your knowledge is critical to moving our Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people forward. Our culture has a long and rich history because of the discipline to train and strengthen ourselves. We will continue to thrive with individuals like you investing in yourself through learning and developing your skills. 

“Individual awards have continued to grow since 2016,” said SHI President Rosita Worl. “Scholarship amounts have more than doubled in the last five years despite an increase in recipients.”

Did you know?

  • Since 2019, part-time students are eligible for scholarships.
  • Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled at graduate schools, four-year colleges and other types of post-secondary programs.
  • Scholarships are funded by Sealaska and administered by Sealaska Heritage Institute.
  • The scholarship program is open to descendants — not just shareholders.
  • Sealaska provides scholarships for students pursuing vocational technical training

About Sealaska’s Scholarship Program

Sealaska is dedicated to advancing the opportunities of our people through access to higher education and vocational training. The Sealaska scholarship program serves shareholders and descendants enrolled full- or part-time in vocational-technical programs and accredited colleges and universities. To date, Sealaska has awarded approximately 11,000 scholarships totaling $20 million. For full program information and eligibility requirements, please visit