Newly formed Shareholder Participation Committee Set to Meet

Sealaska recently formed several Shareholder Participation Committees (SPC) to open another avenue for gathering shareholder feedback and increasing opportunities for engagement. Over the past few months, Sealaska solicited interest from shareholders from various geographic regions to help select members for the three committees. Each committee represents one of three different geographic regions: Southeast Alaska, Alaska excluding southeast, and the lower 48 and Hawaii.

The final list of committee members were selected from 84 shareholders who applied via

“We were really encouraged to see that so many of our shareholders and descendants are interested in taking an active role in helping Sealaska grow and succeed,” said Joe Nelson, Sealaska board chair. “We were able to select a diverse group of thought leaders, and these folks will play an important role in helping us identify emerging issues.”

Each committee will have seven seats, and members will serve staggered terms. The first meeting will be held in Juneau, Alaska, October 9–11, 2019.

“This is an exciting time in Sealaska’s history,” said Anthony Mallott, Sealaska president and CEO. “Our business strategy has been successful because we’re focused on work that is tied to our values. We’re improving ocean health, developing sustainable food sources, and using the land in a way that will serve us for many generations to come. We do all of this for one purpose: to improve the health and well-being of those in our communities. These committee members will play an important role in expanding and building understanding of this vision.”   

Committee members will be expected to meet in-person for a full-day work session in the spring and fall. A summary of the SPC committee meetings will be presented at the annual meeting, and shareholders will have an opportunity to learn more about the program goals and objectives.

Participation in the program required candidates to meet a set of minimum qualifications and requirements that can be viewed here.

“It’s important that we constantly seek ways to improve how we communicate with shareholders,” said Mallott. “These new committees are another way we’re reaching out to shareholders and confirming that our shareholder voices lead us.”

View full list of committee members below.