2017 COO Annual Meeting Business Presentation

Sealaska Chief Operating Officer, Terry Downes, provided an overview of Sealaska business activity at the 2017 Annual Meeting. The meeting was held in Hydaburg, Alaska.

Sealaska Chief Operating Officer Terry Downes

Highlights from COO Business Presenation:


(0:47) COO Terry Downes explains why Sealaska sold some of its businesses over the last few years. Some were unprofitable or losing money. But as well, they were not close to Alaska and not in industries that resonated with Alaska Native values.

(2:18) Downes talks about a unique aspect of Sealaska - all of its shareholders are connected to each other by shared heritage, land and values. Sealaska keeps this in mind when choosing businesses to invest in.

(3:46) Downes discusses why Sealaska has chosen seafood as an industry to pursue in investing and ownership. Alaska is known around the world for the quality of its seafood, and it is a deep part of the Alaska Native heritage.

(7:42) Downes explains why Sealaska chose IPC and Odyssey, two seafood companies in the Pacific Northwest, to buy.

(11:29) Downes talks about the overall thinking behind Sealaska's business practices, and it centers on the health of the ocean.

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