Murkowski, Sullivan Introduce Landless Legisation

Sealaska congratulates the Landless coalition as Senators Murkowski and Sullivan introduced the “Unrecognized Southeast Alaska Native Communities Recognition and Compensation Act”.  The bill authorizes the creation of Urban Corporations for Haines, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Tenakee, and Wrangell, and provides for the conveyance of 23,040 acres of land to each of those corporations.


The five Native communities were excluded from the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) even though shareholders enrolled to the communities.  The communities have formed a coalition to serve as an umbrella organization along with nonprofit organizations for each community for the effort.  Sealaska fully supports this legislation and the coalition of the five landless communities to finalize a just land entitlement.

“Sealaska remains committed to the five Southeast communities that were unjustly excluded from ANCSA”, said Sealaska board chair Joe Nelson.  “The ANCSA promise will remain unfulfilled until these ‘landless’ communities of shareholders are made whole.”

The Institute of Social and Economic Research (lSER) from University of Alaska conducted studies that concluded the five communities were similar to other Native communities that were included in ANCSA and therefore could have been created as Corporations under ANCSA.
Sealaska has spent considerable time, financial resources and effort to help the five communities secure land.  Sealaska will continue to work with the coalition and share knowledge and expertise if needed.

Landless community leadership

  • Joseph Reeves (Ketchikan)
  • James Llanos (Ketchikan)
  • Myrna Torgramsen (Wrangell)
  • Leo Barlow (Wrangell)
  • Al Hill (Tenakee)
  • Tom Paddock (Tenakee)
  • Sue Folletti (Haines)
  • Harriet Brouillete (Haines)
  • Petersburg representive names coming soon


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