Recapping 2014 Sealaska Community Meeting

Learn what was presented at the community meetings

Sealaska has been meeting with shareholders in several communities. The 2014 schedule included 10 community meetings.

Sealaska President and CEO Chris E. McNeil Jr. presented a business report reviewing financial performance for 2013. Here are a few excerpts from his presentation:

  • Sealaska generated $165 from continuing operations in 2013
  • Sealaska is financially strong and stable
  • Sealaska has a positive cash flow and is poised to invest and grow
  • Sealaska had a net loss of $35 million in 2013

Community Meeting Handouts

Sealaska provided four handouts showing how we impact communities, culture and people.

  1. A Look at Sealaska’s Financial Performance in 2013

    Over the years, Sealaska has experienced both extraordinary growth and incredible challenges. In 2013, we saw a net loss, some of which are cash losses (out of pocket) and some of which are non-cash (paper losses).
    For 2013

    • Sealaska generated $165 million from continuing operations in 2013
    • Sealaska had a net loss of $35 million in 2013
    • Read Sealaska fianancials handout below
  2. Myths & Facts: A guide to recent shareholder questions

    Myth: Sealaska is not managing its money.
    Fact: Not true. Sealaska is taking action every day to manage the company’s finances.

  • Overhead expenses throughout the company were reduced by $4.5 million in 2013
  • Read Sealaska myths and facts handout below


  1. How Sealaska Impacts Communities

    Sealaska’s purpose is to strengthen people, culture and homelands. We impact shareholders and communities in many ways.

    View full Community Impacts handouts:
    Washington State
    Prince of Wales
    Southcentral AK
    Saxman & Ketchikan

    • Community impacts: annual meetings held in a community, the number of shareholders who reside in a community, and the economics that result from shareholders living in a community
    • Since inception, Sealaska has contributed $12 million to the scholarship program
    • Sealaska directors and former directors from communities
  2. Walter Soboleff Center

    Sealaska’s mission is upheld by the creation of the Walter Soboleff Center. In 1980, Sealaska established the Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI). Since then, SHI has been at the forefront of cultural preservation, restoration and perpetuation of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian culture.

    View full handout about how Sealaska impacts SHI

    View Flickr albums from 2014 community meetings

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