Sealaska Timber Brings Innovative Group Together

Sealaska has formed a natural resource project team to talk about responsible and sustainable natural resource use in alignment with our core Native values. 

Recently this team brought together a remarkable and innovative group of people to advise and challenge Sealaska managers in defining the future of sustainable natural resource development on Sealaska lands. The Sealaska Natural Resources Advisory Roundtable met in a daylong event held on January 29, 2014, in Seattle. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas, affirm recommendations and gain insight to define all potential values for Sealaska’s integrated resource strategy. The Natural Resources Advisory Roundtable helped validate the process to measure performance in meeting Sealaska’s economic value creation and Values In Action goals. Four notable external participants attended to help provide Sealaska’s natural resource managers with innovative and alternate resource management perspectives.

Kathy Long Holland, president, Long Sherpa
Peter Kareiva , chief scientist and vice president, The Nature Conservancy
Peter R. Stein, managing director, Lyme Timber
E. Thomas Tuchmann, president, US Forest Capital, LLC

“In an effort to become more internally critical of our goals and processes to manage our natural resource values to a balanced triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental) and integrate our Values In Action into both our operations and performance metrics, we invited a group of leading, successful resource management and policy professionals from across North America to drive an outside/in view of our new direction,” explained Wade Zammit, president and CEO of Sealaska Timber Corporation. “The process helped us ground and refine our recommendations to redirect our resource management to think beyond just economic goals and to strive to build social responsibility both internally and externally as a natural resource company operating in the Tongass.”

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