Independent Nominee Michael Roberts

My entire career is a testament to my service to Native peoples and
their genius – especially those in rural communities. And I attribute much of that from growing up in Ketchikan with family roots in Klawock.

I’m not running on empty promises, it’s about quantifiable achievement – over the past 2 years, my
organization, has parlayed our success into making $75 million in grants to Native communities – $4 million to Alaska communities.

My achievements are not mine alone. I stand on the shoulders of my father and grandfather – Peter Roberts (Raven) who spent 38 years at K-Pulp, and Donald Roberts (Eagle) a commercial fisherman – both from Klawock.

I have benefited from the Tlingit community’s investment – internships at Ketchikan Indian Corporation, Sealaska and Klawock-Heenya scholarships and summer jobs at Saxman Seaport, Ocean Beauty and Seattle Seafoods. I believe my experience can serve the shareholders well. I’ve worked as a venture capitalist; filled a vacancy on the Tlingit and Haida Tribal Business Corporation; served on a tribal $200 million investment committee; and as Chair of the Investment Committee for the $267 million Native American Agriculture Fund.

I am humbled to that you might consider me for the Board of Directors.

AGE: 60
CITY/ STATE: Longmont, Colorado
OCCUPATION: President & CEO, First Nations Development Institute


DIRECTORSHIP(S) HELD IN OTHER ENTITIES: Currently on following Boards: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders – Treasurer; Tlingit & Haida Tribal Business Corporation – Board Member; The Native American Agriculture Fund – Member of the Board of Trustees and former board member, Chair of the Investment Committee; Three Affiliated Tribes – the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara – Investment Committee Member; National Center for Responsive Philanthropy – Board Member; and First Nations Development Institute – Board Member. First Nations Oweesta Corporation – Former board member and former chair ABS Investment.

EDUCATION: University of Washington 1991 – Masters of Business Administration – MBA; University of Colorado 1985 – Bachelors of Environmental Design – B.EnvD; Albertson’s College of Idaho 7980 – Physics & Mathematics.

AFFILIATIONS: Former Board Member of the Tlingit & Haida Tribal Business Corporation. Mike is a child of the Raven moiety, Gooch/Ch’aak’ naa (Wolf/Eagle), Kóon Hít (Flicker House), Kooyu Kwáan (Kuiu Island People} His Tlingit name is T’eix Sháach Tsín.