Independent Nominee Michael (Mick) Bealsey

I am asking for your votes to be part of the Sealaska board team for another three-year term. As an Independent Candidate, you elected me twice, using direct votes. Thank you for your confidence. In each of the last 6 years corporate performance has improved.

As your director, I am approachable. I love working an idea, being available and helping our people. Working a successful idea was the Deishu Burial Program.

I support: Profitability, growth, lowering debt, dividend responsibility, Landless, election reform, and 100-year protection of our carbon money.

Board Resolution: The riddle to lowering blood quantum is to do so without dropping your share value. The answer lies with Sealaska gifting and inheritance programs, I encourage everyone to participate. Using these programs, other Shareholder dividends and shares remain full strength. Any resolution approval will mean smaller dividends, weakened shares. Our aging shareholder
body needs the dividends they receive. Director’s responsibility is to the holders of the corporation’s common stock. This means protecting Sealaska common stock value for now. Vote No.

Sealaska has programs that include lineal non-shareholder bloodline descendants already. They can participate through, employment, donations, endowments, corporate programs, and political contributions. Thank You. God Bless You. Re-elect Beasley

AGE: 64
CITY/ STATE: Juneau, Alaska
OCCUPATION: Journeyman Carver and Instructor in carving and other art forms

CURRENT AND PREVIOUS POSITIONS WITHIN SEALASKA CORPORATION AND/OR SEALASKA SUBSIDIARIES: Mick has been a member of the Sealaska Board of Directors since 2016. He is a member of the Shareholder Relations Committee and Governance-Nominations Committee. He also serves as a manager on the Haa Aan(, LLC Board of Managers and a member of the Sealaska Settlement Trust Fund. Mick is a former recipient of a Sealaska Heritage Scholarship.


EDUCATION: Bachelor of Fine Arts in metal design from the University of Washington

AFFILIATIONS: Mick is Tlingit/Raven, L’uknax.ádi (Coho Clan) and is the child of a Slovak. His Tlingit name is Daanawáak.