Each of Sealaska's businesses and partners works toward healthier oceans and enhancing the natural environment.

Gregg Drilling team treats contaminated groundwater under a biomedical lab in California.

This October, Sealaska grew its groundwater testing and cleanup expertise by buying a majority stake in Gregg Drilling, a leading environmental remediation, geotechnical and marine site services company. Headquartered in Southern California, Gregg’s team of skilled engineers and technicians is equipped to help solve the growing challenges around groundwater supply and coastal engineering in the Western U.S.

Increased water demand from residential, commercial and agricultural users is putting pressure on California’s already strained supply of clean drinking water. The state’s persistent drought conditions also continue to reduce water levels in lakes, rivers and streams, as well as large underground aquifers.  On top of this, industrial waste is seeping into groundwater, oftentimes decades after the original source of the problem is gone.

Gregg Drilling is well positioned to take on each of these challenges in California.

With 33 years of experience, Gregg Drilling has established itself as an industry leader that does not only fix immediate contamination but solves long-term problems regarding clean water supply.

As a recent example, Gregg Drilling completed a project in Orange County California, treating a chlorinated solvent that had seeped into the soil and groundwater under a biomedical laboratory decades earlier. Using the latest drilling and treatment technologies, the team mixed and injected a chemical solution that destroyed the harmful chemicals until they were no longer dangerous to human health or the environment.

“All of our communities rely on groundwater for safe drinking water,” said Todd Hanna, Remediation Division Manager at Gregg Drilling. “With lowering levels of groundwater in wells, having enough clean water long-term is a constant concern.”

Todd’s passion for environmental cleanup began when he supported the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup in Alaska as a U.S. Marine Corp helicopter crewmember. After his military service, he worked for companies on the cusp of new remediation technology, which treated soil by injecting chemicals that treated the contamination.

Twenty-nine years later, Todd is constantly applying his extensive technical knowledge and expertise to create and evolve new ways to improve remediation processes at Gregg Drilling.

Each person at Gregg Drilling has a story of why she or he is passionate about the environmental and community impacts of their work. Above all, finding the best solutions drives the company.

Investing in Gregg Drilling expanded Sealaska’s groundwater cleanup and marine capabilities. Learn more about Gregg Drilling at their website: greggdrilling.com

All of Sealaska’s businesses share the goal of working toward healthier oceans and enhancing the natural environment.