Log Sorts

Sealaska Timber offers multiple species of wood products. Sealaska Timber products, including but not limited to:

Sitka Spruce

Alaska’s State tree and abundant within the Southeast Alaska region.

Sitka Spruce has a high strength-to-weight ratio so it is extremely strong and durable. It is highly prized for its acoustic properties and used in the manufacture of musical instruments such as piano and guitars.   

STC’s diverse spruce sorting and strict quality control allow the customer to buy the logs they need for specific uses maximizing output & reducing trim waste.

STC has 15 different sorts for Sitka Spruce, to download sorts information, Click Here.

Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock is the most dominant species within the Southeast Alaska region.

STC’s diverse hemlock sorting allows our customers to buy logs that produce a wide range of diverse products.

STC pays strict attention to quality control within our 11 different sorts for Western Hemlock helping the customer maximize output from their purchases.

To download sorts information, Click Here.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is prized for its decay resistant characteristics and widely used for home exterior components, fencing, decking, planters, lattice, garden sheds and outdoor furniture.

STC’s customer can take full advantage of each log purchased as a result of our strict quality control and 4 different sorts for Western Red Cedar.

To download sorts information, Click Here.

Alaska Yellow Cedar

Fine in texture and straight grained, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is uniform in yellow color and harder than most commercial softwoods.

Some of Yellow Cedar’s desirable characteristics are it’s natural, decay-resistant oils, structural integrity and impact resistance. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is commonly used for all types of fine finish carpentry, doors, windows, boat building, flooring and bridge decking.

STC has 4 different sorts for Alaskan Yellow Cedar and careful quality control assures consistency of purchase and output over time.

To download sorts information, Click Here.

Second Growth

2010 marked the beginning of Sealaska Timber Corporation’s 2nd growth harvest and marketing program.  Historical, pre-ANCSA logging by the U.S. Forest Service on Dall Island was conducted in a number of areas in the vicinity of Ham Cove, Grace Harbor and Port Bazan.  This resulted in a wide variety of present day, young timber stands that play an important roll in STC’s marketing of 2nd growth timber.   Six different sorts are loading onto our charter vessels for the Asian markets.

Second Growth Species:  Spruce and Hemlock

Cutting runs heavy to spruce which is over 70% of the net export volume available.




Chip & Saw

6” – 7”

36’10” only. Mixed Hemlock & Spruce


8” – 12”

24’10”, 32’10”, 36’10”


13” – 19”

24’10”, 32’10”, 36’10” 


20” plus

24’10”, 32’10”, 36’10” 

Our quality control guidelines require that at least 75% of the logs are at 36’ in length for all sorts with 32’s and 24’s also acceptable.
Additional sort specifications:  no rough tops, fluting or other severe visual or scaling defects that either detract from the value of the log or renders it unsellable.