Richard Rinehart

Richard Rinehart

Tlingit & Haida Business



Kenmore, WA

“My professional goals have always included working for our Native communities and being part of innovative solutions to the issues facing our people and our corporation. I have always been a tireless advocate fighting for our Five Landless Native Communities, and this will always be my top priority.”

Richard is CEO for Tlingit and Haida Business Corporation, president of Raven Potlatch Development, LLC, and managing member of Raven Potlatch Real Estate, LLC.  (Raven Potlatch is a private family-owned business).

Richard has 38 years of experience as a business executive and entrepreneur, including 20 years in private industry prior to working for Sealaska.  Rinehart earned a Master of Business Administration from Portland State University and a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University.

He is a member of the Sealaska Audit Committee and Finance Committee and serves as chair of the Haa Aaní, LLC Board of Managers. He has been a member of the Sealaska Board of Directors since 2013.

Richard is a member of the Shx’at Kawáan Dancers and ANB Camp 4 of Wrangell. Richard is Tlingit/Raven, Kiks.ádi (Frog clan), Gagaan Hít (Sun House), Teeyhíttaan yádi (child of), and Haida. His Tlingit names are Du aani Kax Naalei and Tashee.