Sustainable Natural Resources

Balanced land management with strong stewardship allows for current economic benefit, while maintaining opportunities for future generations.

Sealaska has advanced Haa Aaní’s purpose and commitment to the region by aligning natural resource efforts with economic development activities. Haa Aaní is now a holding company that includes the Natural Resources Department, Sealaska Timber, Alaska Coastal Aggregates, Economic Development and Minerals.

“The entire Haa Aaní team—operators, natural resource management, economic development experts—all know their job is to create the greatest financial, community and cultural benefit from our land.” 

-----Anthony Mallott, Sealaska President and CEO


Sealaska’s land ownership through ANCSA is 1.6 percent of our original 23 million-acre homelands. Yet we have made solid contributions and advancements to the regional economy, environmental management and social and cultural well-being of our communities for more than 35 years.
The balanced land management structure can offer current benefits and continue to provide opportunity for generations to come.

Of Sealaska’s 362,000 acres of which only 90,000 has been clear-cut, we will:

Utilize 35 percent in perpetuity as a working forest. As a working forest we will harvest timber using the best science for land management. Sealaska’s working forest cycle can:
    •    Grow healthy forests that maintains good wildlife habitat
    •    Have no long-term negative affect to salmon streams
    •    Have an economic impact by maintaining hundreds of jobs in rural areas that equals millions in payroll within a small-scale sustainable harvest

Utilize 65 percent as mature forest to maintain other opportunities such as:
    •    Light and selective harvest
    •    Carbon sequestration
    •    Wetland mitigation
    •    Natural product harvest
    •    Community and cultural use