Projects & Clients


Client: USACE, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.
Date: 2014 to 2018 
Scope: Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems O&M and Monitoring
Contracting Agency: Department of Defense 
Project Details: Conduct O&M, evaluation, and upgrades of four groundwater pump-and-treat containment systems (3 strippers and 1 GAC) for remediation of VOC-impacted groundwater and an air sparge/soil vapor extraction system at a former gas station. Conduct site characterization, RI/FS, and remediation at numerous former UST and spill sites; monitor and inspect ICs; and manage and evaluate groundwater LTM. Groundwater P&T systems were in considerable disrepair when we started the contract. We accomplished significant upgrades to these systems including well rehabs, pump replacement/ repairs, new PLC electrical upgrades, increased performance and energy efficiency, and reduced downtimes at all the sites.

US Army Corp of Engineers
US Department of Energy (NNSA)