Specific Areas of Specialization

SEAS personnel have completed consulting projects both nationally and internationally and in all aquatic arenas, from the deep-water of the Gulf of Mexico to nearshore coastal to inshore waterway location like the Coeur d’Alene River in Idaho. The following is a brief listing of specific areas in which SEAS holds expertise

Hydrographic and geophysical surveying

  • Single-beam sonar
  • Multi-beam sonar
  • Sub-bottom profiling
  • Side-scan sonar / sector scanning sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Remotely operated vehicle survey (image, Blueview acoustic camera, laser)
  • Sediment sampling and analysis

Topographic and environmental surveying

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveys
    • Fixed wing, and helicopter airframes
    • Lidar (up to ultra-high density), Photogrammetry, Infrared
  • Civil, construction, environmental, geologic (energy and mining), coastal studies

Sediment transport, sedimentation and erosion studies and numerical modeling

  • Sediment sampling and coring
  • Sediment testing
  • Fate and transport studies
  • Shoreline evolution and morphology
  • Riverine and estuarine sediment transport and morphology

Hydrodynamic studies and numerical modeling

  • River flow and geomorphologic measurement, analysis and modeling
  • Circulation measurement, analysis and modeling
  • Wave transformation measurements, analysis and modeling
  • Extreme wave height and return period analysis

Coastal and environmental engineering and design

  • Coastal damage assessment and performance evaluation
  • Shoreline protection evaluation, design and monitoring
  • Beach nourishment evaluation and design
  • Shoreline dune rehabilitation, evaluation and design
  • Harbor and marina infra-structure evaluation and design

Instrumentation and data analysis

  • Hydrodynamic measurements (water level, wave, currents, circulation)
  • Water Quality (turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen)
  • Total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Sediment transport