Jaeleen Kookesh, VP General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

"It has been rewarding and fulfilling to use my legal experience for the benefit of Sealaska shareholders; I have learned so much from my interactions with shareholders and community members."
Jaeleen Kookesh has been the Sealaska vice president and general counsel since her appointment in 2008 and has also served as the Corporate Secretary since late 2014. Her experience is driving Sealaska’s legal and policy activities, which include developing and monitoring legislation and regulations to advance Native issues and protecting Sealaska and shareholder interests.  
She carries two clan names from the L’eeneidí (Dog Salmon) Central house in Angoon including Kajoohein and Kinagoo.ut. She is a child of the Teikweidí (Brown Bear) Clan.
Kookesh holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor and Certificate in Indian Law from the University of New Mexico School of Law. She is also a Sealaska shareholder, and a member of the Alaska Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar Association.
She has three children: Maya, Jade and Antone.