Log Sorts

Sealaska Timber offers multiple species of wood products

Sealaska Timber products, including but not limited to:

Second Growth
2010 marked the beginning of Sealaska Timber Corporation’s 2nd growth harvest and marketing program.  Historical, pre-ANCSA logging by the U.S. Forest Service on Dall Island was conducted in a number of areas in the vicinity of Ham Cove, Grace Harbor and Port Bazan.  This resulted in a wide variety of present day, young timber stands that play an important roll in STC’s marketing of 2nd growth timber.   Six different sorts are loading onto our charter vessels for the Asian markets. Please visit our Second Growth page to learn more.

Quality Control
Using strict guidelines and constant supervision, the sort yard operations is where volume and value is assessed. From cut to scaling, grading, sorting, bundling, rafting, towing, and loading onto the vessel, Sealaska Timber QC people are working to guarantee the customers' satisfaction with our products.