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Haa Aaní, LLC

Who We Are
Haa Aaní, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sealaska Corporation dedicated to improving the economic conditions in southeast Alaska communities through innovation, sustainability and collaboration. Our primary goals are to:
  • Expand the regional economy
  • Foster new and sustainable industries within rural communities

haaaani.jpgWhy Haa Aani, LLC
Southeast Alaska’s rural communities are suffering high unemployment rates, the loss of traditional jobs and a stagnant economy. Many residents leave their home communities in search of opportunities in urban areas. This outmigration threatens the very fiber of rural community health and well-being. Haa Aaní, LLC brings a renewed sense of urgency and commitment to rebuilding our rural economies.

What We Do
Haa Aaní, LLC seeks innovative ways to stabilize and sustain the economy of Southeast Alaska to meet the economic, social and cultural needs of our rural communities.

Expanding the regional economy
We will help develop industry in the region by leveraging Sealaska Corporation’s assets and capabilities. Our strategy is to focus on new and innovative opportunities to increase the regional economy and remove impediments to economic sustainability.

Sustainable local employment
Haa Aaní, LLC can also act as a catalyst at the local level, helping to foster growth and development through its own expertise. By fostering rural entrepreneurial opportunities and new developments, we enable our tribal member shareholders to maintain traditional lifestyles and remain in their home communities.

Foster a collaborative effort
Our rural communities face unique challenges. Haa Aaní, LLC will collaborate at all levels—from state and federal agencies to individual community members—providing leadership, mentorship and other assistance as necessary to improve the economic, social and cultural vitality of our region.

We envision a future where our tribal member shareholders live in thriving Southeast communities that meet their economic needs and cultural lifestyles.

To learn more about Haa Aaní, LLC, contact Russell Dick.


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