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Meet Kristi Skaflestad

Our Strength, Leadership
Haa Latseen | Íitl’ Dagwiigáay | Na Yugyetga’nm

Sealaska shareholder Kristi Skaflestad is sharing her love of cooking with her home community of Hoonah, Alaska. Whether people are enjoying the cooking at her shareholder-owned business Chipper Fish, or are inspired to cook like her, Skaflestad is seen as a young leader.

In 2011 the Huna Heritage Foundation held her up as a success story. Skaflestad is a Huna Heritage scholarship recipient. The funding helped her graduate from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, Oregon.

Leaving a community for opportunities is a difficult decision for anyone. Returning with skills and knowledge to support a community is beneficial for everyone. We salute Skaflestad for her desire to give back to her community and open Chipper Fish. Her leadership inspires Chipper Fish workers to obtain a culinary arts degree while supporting the economics of Hoonah. Sealaska believes leadership in communities represents our collective strength as Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people. Together we are making a significant impact on our communities.

Kristi Skaflestad on Favorite Menu Item - The Salmon Taco

Skaflestad says the most popular menu item is the Salmon Taco, a recipe developed at a family barbeque. The Salmon Taco is a favorite menu item for locals, who encourage visitors to taste it. Hear more from Skaflestad on the Salmon Taco by clicking play.

Where Does All That Fish Come From?

The Chipper Fish sells around 60 pounds of fish each day. Keeping it all in the family and further driving the economy of Hoonah, Skaflestad buys her fresh salmon from her father. She says growing up in a commercial fishing family inspired her to cook salmon in many different ways. Listen to her story about working closely with her dad.

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Skalfestad expanded her restaurant with financial support from the Haa Aani Community Development Fund, established in 2012. Chipper Fish was the first project financed under the program that provided funding and technical / mentoring resources for tribal member shareholder entrepreneurs and other southeast business owners. Learn how Skaflestand expanded Chipper Fish with the financing and more about how the program works.


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