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Sealaska Announces April 2012 Distribution to Shareholders

Sealaska directors approved an April distribution to tribal member shareholders to be paid on or about April 12, 2012.  The distribution will be mailed to shareholders and direct deposits will be made on the same day.  The spring distribution totals more than $14 million to shareholders and southeast village corporations.

 Distribution & Stock type:  Per Share
 Urban & At-Large Stock $ 8.45
 Village Stock
 $ 1.25
 Life Estate Stock: Left-out, Descendant, Elder
 $ 1.25

"The fall distribution and the spring distribution are two parts of one dividend," said Sealaska Chair Albert Kookesh. "The board releases the fall portion based on calculated performance. The second portion is released after the actual results are determined from an independent financial audit."

"We are proud that Sealaska uses its financial capacity to contribute to securing indigenous languages, strengthening communities and culture through these distributions," said Chris E. McNeil Jr., Sealaska president and CEO. "For example, Sealaska revenues will also support Celebration 2012, the biennial event scheduled for June 2012."

Sealaska's operations, investments and revenue sharing represent distributions to shareholders. Millions will flow through the region as a result of the spring distribution with nearly half of Sealaska’s 21,000 tribal member shareholders living in Southeast.

"Every year the directors strive to make a difference in shareholder lives," said Kookesh. "We hope to play a part in that through the distribution process."

Please visit our website frequently to continue to learn about the Sealaska story. Our story is to create opportunities to strengthen Native land, culture and community.


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