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Sealaska Board Chair Will Step Down

Albert_Kookesh.jpgAs most of you know, I had a heart attack 9 months ago. Since that time, I have had a wonderful recovery and I am back 100 percent. I am in good health. However, I gave my family and friends a scare, not to mention how it scared me.

I made a promise to my family to cut back on my work and commitments. So I am. I want to be here to see my grandchildren grow up. Most of you know that I did not run for the chairmanship of the Alaska Federation of Natives and retired after 14 years of chairing that 36-member board of directors. I am sure that I could have continued, but I made a promise that I needed to keep to my family.

At the last Sealaska annual meeting, during the process of electing the chair, I announced to the board
that this would be my last term chairing the Sealaska board. I am honored to have served longer the any other board chair in Sealaska history. I am pleased that Sealaska shareholders have elected me to serve on the Sealaska board and honored that the Sealaska board has given me the honor to be the chair for 14 years.

It is my intention to continue to be a member of the Sealaska board and I will continue to advocate for tribal member shareholders and for Native issues, which are important to all of us. I am committed to Sealaska, our shareholders and the Alaska Native community. Over the years I have developed relationships and influence in both the Native and non-Native worlds, which I can use to our benefit and I intend to do just that. I am strong and healthy and excited to continue my work for Sealaska as a member of our board of directors.
Thank you for your support and help during my tenure as a member of the Sealaska family and the chair of the board. We have done many good things. I look forward to many more in our future.



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