Tammy Keith, 2016 Sealaska Intern

“My experience in being a Sealaska Summer Intern allowed me valuable hands on Construction Management experience which solidified my decision of Construction Management and potentially engineering degree. The team I was assigned too allowed me real world experiences including: developing Construction Waste Plan, Dust Control Plan, along with project specific submittal-log. In addition, I was an active participant in a site-visit that was near closeout completion aligning the schedules involved. I was treated as a full team-member adding input while learning the operational side of Construction Management. My experience allowed me to have the rare Civil/Vertical build opportunities in a short period of time which I truly appreciated.”


Tribe/Moiety/Clan: Tlingit, Yéil, Kiksaadi

Internship Placement: Sealaska Constructors, LLC

Educational Background: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Associates of Applied Science in Construction Management