Land Policy

Comprehensive board resolution ensures ANCSA lands managed through Native values.

On January 31, 2014, Sealaska directors reaffirmed that the company’s ANCSA lands are collectively owned by it's shareholders and will be managed according to Native values. A single resolution now documents important land policies and emphasizes our sacred connection to our land.

The policy forever declares that Sealaska will protect and benefit from the lands, which have sustained the people of southeast for thousands of years. The policy lays out key priorities, including Sealaska’s continued commitment to Landless communities and Native veterans in Southeast Alaska. Specifically, the policy Incorporates Native values and principles into Sealaska’s land management philosophy, such as:

  1. Haa Aaní | Íitl’ Tlagáa | Na Yuubm (our land) – reverence and the importance of our land

  2. Haa Shuká |Íitl’Kuníisii |NaHlagigyadm (our past, present and future) – knowing that our decisions today impact future generations

  3. Tináa directs management of Sealaska’s land and resources for profitability, opportunities, commerce and economic benefit to shareholders

  4. Aan Latin (the keeper of the land) requires Sealaska to sustainably and scientifically manage and protect its lands and resources

  5. Confirms that ANCSA lands can be used but will never be sold and that Sealaska will protect and ensure Native ownership of these homelands in perpetuity

  6. Protects historic and sacred sites as spiritual link to our ancestors

  7. Prioritizes the finalization of Sealaska’s ANCSA land entitlement (finalized December 2014)

  8. Reaffirms Sealaska’s commitment to and solidarity with the five Landless communities and Native veterans in Southeast Alaska


For thousands of years we—the people of the Tongass: the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian—have owned and occupied Southeast Alaska. We will always have a spiritual relationship with our traditional land, which equal 23 million acres of forest, coastlines and waterways.