Projects & Clients

Client: USACE, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.
Date: 2014 to Present 
Scope: Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems O&M and Monitoring
Contracting Agency: Department of Defense 
Project Details: Conducts O&M, evaluation, and upgrades of four groundwater pump-and-treat containment systems (3 strippers and 1 GAC) for remediation of VOC-impacted groundwater and an air sparge/soil vapor extraction system at a former gas station. Conducts site characterization, RI/FS, and remediation at numerous former UST and spill sites; monitors and inspects ICs; and manages and evaluates groundwater LTM. Groundwater P&T systems were in considerable disrepair when we started the contract. We have accomplished significant upgrades to these systems including well rehabs, pump replacement/ repairs, new PLC electrical upgrades, and have increased performance and energy efficiency and reduced downtimes at all the sites.
US Army Corp of Engineers
US National Park Service
US Department of Energy (NNSA)
Port of Seattle
Port of Brownsville
City of Poulsbo
City of Bainbridge Island
Kitsap County
and Other Large National Engineering and Construction Companies